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The objectives of the charity are: “To promote equality and diversity, advance education and eliminate discrimination against trans, non-binary, intersex, gender-variant and gender-queer people for the public benefit by raising awareness of the issues affecting said persons in particular by organising and staging an annual Trans Pride festival.”

Trans Pride Brighton has been running since 2013, and is the biggest Trans Pride event in Europe.
Trans Pride Brighton and Hove is a registered charity in England & Wales (number 1162738). We are a grass-roots, community-led organisation staffed entirely by unpaid volunteers. Our events are run by a fantastic team of 100+ volunteers, both transgender and cisgender (non-trans).
The social context in which we operate is fast moving, and transgender rights have had a huge amount of visibility in the last year. Unfortunately, much of this has been negative, with unfair and misleading information about the review of the Gender Recognition Act, as well as damaging coverage of transgender children, who are some of the most vulnerable people in our society. We seek to show the trans community in all of our joyous glory – transgender people as artists, musicians, writers, performers, as well as transgender people as everyday people just getting on with their lives. Just existing as ourselves is a source of Pride and being able to celebrate our lives is part of our journey towards full liberation.

Trans Pride Brighton, now in its 6th year, had an amazing array of events last year and we’ll be expanding on that this year!

2018 Events

This year we have more than 20 official events associated with Trans Pride. The biggest are likely to be the protest march on Saturday 21st July, starting from outside the Marlborough Pub & Theatre in Prince’s Street at midday, followed by the main event in Brunswick Square Gardens. We are expecting a total attendance of around 5,000 unique visitors across the course of the day. The park event will be open to the public from 1-6pm, providing a mixed programme of performances and services:

  • Main stage (music, spoken word, poetry, speeches, etc)
  • Workshops (focussed on providing for Trans People of Colour)
  • Sports/Exercise/Health Sessions
  • Children’s Area
  • Quiet Tent
  • Multi-Faith Area
  • Community Information Stalls
  • Food stalls and licensed bar
  • Main HQ Visitor Information Point (incl. Merch sales)

Our other events are focussed on showcasing and nurturing the talents and abilities of transgender people – such as the art exhibition at Pop-Up Brighton from Saturday 14th July until Saturday 21st July, and the film night at the Duke of York’s Picturehouse on Friday 20th July, curated by My Genderation & Eyes Wide Open. There’s also a life drawing workshop, an open mic night, a photography and portraiture workshop and a poetry night, as well as several fun fundraising events like a vinyl singles sale and the two dance parties, Gal Pals at Komedia on Friday 20th and the Official Afterparty, Traumfrau @ North Laine Brewhouse on Saturday 21st. There’s even more to be found on our website!

We are also reaching out to, and starting or improving relationships with, diverse and intersecting groups & people such as UK Black Pride, Disability Pride, QTIPOC and the English Collective of Prostitutes, as part of our commitment to be better representative of the community we serve.

Why Trans Pride?

Trans Pride Brighton 2018 occurs at a time of heightened visibility for the transgender community, particularly in light of the government’s recent decision to consult with the public over a review of the Gender Recognition Act. The aim is to improve the mechanism for changing legal gender, which is currently an arduous, lengthy and expensive process and requires applicants to submit reams of personal information to a panel they will never meet, with little-to-no appeals process, as well as gaining a medical diagnosis. Non-binary people are currently unable to obtain documentation in anything other than a binary gender (male or female), which means they must ‘make do’ with a gender which is not theirs.

We also see trans people discriminated against in access to healthcare, employment, housing, sport, services, justice and facilities. Transgender children are vilified in the media, bullied at school, used as a political football and have their identities doubted. There has been a long running debate in the media about the validity of trans people’s lives, and Trans Pride is here to say that we are real, we are valid, we are talented and we can be loved.

In recent weeks we’ve seen minority groups within the LGBTQI+ community attack us at Pride in London, and we’ve been heartened by the outpouring of support from our allies.

We hope that by taking this opportunity to celebrate our lives and our achievements with our friends, family and allies, we will be able to show off the amazing people we call our brothers, sisters, and siblings.

Our Campaigns

We are happy to announce this year’s campaigns as “Celebrating Gender Diversity within the Trans Community” and “Nothing About Us Without Us”.

Celebrating Gender Diversity within the Trans Community” has been created in response to the feedback within our community by our Non-binary siblings calling for more inclusivity within the Trans community. We whole heartedly want to show the intersectionality and diversity that belongs to and will always be a part of Trans Pride Brighton. This statement is to show we are united with any one that identifies under the Trans umbrella, with no discrimination to their gender identity.

Nothing About Us Without Us” is a term we have seen in many different campaigns relating to minority groups. The first citation that we have been able to find is from Polish citizens fighting for their rights in the 15th/16th century to have a say in the creation of their laws. The term in more recent times has been used by the Disability community to fight for their rights of equality and inclusion. It was used as the title of a book by activist James Charlton, as he had heard it being used by South African activists. It has since become widely used by other minority groups fighting for equality. We at Trans Pride felt this message resonated with us most closely to any others we could muster. We want to give thanks and praise to the groups that came before us, for providing us with the tools to start fighting for our rights and inclusion. The Disability rights movement is one close to our hearts here at Trans Pride Brighton, with some of our own committee also belonging to and identifying with the disability rights movement. The term relates so closely to what we are fighting for at the moment – to be included in the creation of, and amendment to, current legislation, as well as the way that we are written & talked about, usually without our involvement.

We will be using the #TransPrideBrighton hashtag throughout the week, across all social media.

Guidance for Media Coverage

If you are planning on covering Trans Pride Brighton, please be aware that we ask you to respect the privacy of the many vulnerable members of our community, many of which will not be publicly out as transgender. Observing the following rules will help everyone have a fun & successful day:

  • Please do not photograph or film within the Brunswick Square Gardens event
  • Outside the site, photography and film are fine, but please make the subjects aware beforehand so that they can choose to move out of shot if they wish
  • There will be a media briefing prior to the beginning of the march, at 1100 at the Marlborough Pub & Theatre in Princes Street, please attend this, or make yourself known in advance to Natalie Washington (details at the top of this page) who will be handling media enquiries.
    • You will need to pick up a press access lanyard
  • We ask that you review & take advantage of the style guides for writing about trans issues produced by Trans Media Watch & All About Trans, available here:

Partner Venues and Accessibility Assessment

Trans Pride Brighton is proud to have a full week of events partnering with local promoters and venues. Here is a Google Map showing where all the official venues are.

We’ve spent a good deal of time assessing the venues booked by our partners, running alongside the main Trans Pride Brighton march and park events at the following locations:

  • Brunswick Square Gardens
  • Marlborough Pub & Theatre
  • Pop Up Brighton
  • Sallis Benney Theatre (UoB)
  • North Laine Brewhouse
  • Duke Of York’s Picturehouse Cinema
  • Komedia Brighton
  • Dead Wax Social
  • C:\Side Quest

You can view our assessment of the criteria for accessibility document on Google Drive, or you can download a printable PDF version.

Announcing Trans Pride 2018’s Themes

Celebrating Gender Diversity in the Trans Community   Nothing About Us Without Us

Image description: two logo designs for the campaign theme texts.

We are happy to announce this year’s campaigns as Celebrating Gender Diversity within the Trans Community and Nothing About Us Without Us

Celebrating Gender Diversity within the Trans Community has been created in response to the feedback within our community from our non-binary siblings calling for more inclusivity within the Trans community. We wholeheartedly want to show the intersectionality and diversity that belongs to, and will always be a part of Trans Pride Brighton. This statement shows we are united with anyone that identifies under the Trans umbrella, irrespective of their gender identity.

Nothing About Us Without Us is a term we have seen in many different campaigns relating to minority groups. It dates back to Polish citizens fighting for their rights in the 15th century to have a say in the creation of their laws. In more recent times the term has been used by the Disability Rights community to fight for equality and inclusion and has since become widely used by other minority groups fighting for equality. At Trans Pride, we felt this message resonated with us very closely, and we want to give thanks and praise to the groups that came before us, for providing us with the tools to start fighting for our rights and inclusion. The Disability rights movement is one close to our hearts here at Trans Pride Brighton, with many of our community (and committee) also belonging to and identifying with the disability rights movement. The term relates so closely to what we are fighting for at the moment: to be included in the creation of, and amendment to, current legislation, as well as the way that we are written and talked about, usually without our involvement.

Statement on the Pride in London Protest

The Trans Pride Brighton team is disappointed to hear about anti-trans protests at London Pride today and we’d like to express our support and solidarity to anybody who has been affected by this. It’s worth noting how differently the homophobic protests were handled compared to how the transphobic protest was allowed to happen.

Over the last few weeks TPB has been engaging with local trans and non-binary people, LGBT organisations, the council and the police about the threat of an anti-trans protest. We take this very seriously as the safety and well-being of our community is our number one concern.

As angry as we are, our policy is to not engage directly with anti-trans protesters, as we feel we would be playing into the hands of the anti-trans groups. Instead we encourage trans people and allies to make their feelings known to the organisers of London Pride and other organisations supposedly representing us that ignore our community, and in some cases enable the continued hatred against us on a daily basis.

We won’t share exactly what plans we have in place, in order to protect our community, but please know that everybody at TPB is working hard to keep every single one of our guests safe and secure.

We are particularly looking for cisgender allies to volunteer for events covering the whole week of Trans Pride 2018. If you’d like to help, please visit

Trans Pride Brighton & Hove are looking for a Treasurer to join our team of Committee Volunteers!

Core Responsibilities

  • Maintaining the accounts and overseeing:
    • Debtors & Creditors Book (including creating invoices, debt recovery & client liaison)
    • Setting the annual budget (based on previous year’s actuals + strategic rate setting + forecast changes + risk/opportunity elements + other known factors)
    • Bank reconciliation
    • PayPal & Stripe account reconciliation
    • Forecast updates throughout the year
    • Design and maintain a working structure/hierarchy for managing accounts.
  • Reporting financial position and risks and opportunities to the committee/trustees
  • Creating online BACS payments and overseeing all bank transactions
  • Ensuring documentation is maintained and filed for ALL financial transactions
  • Advising on – and ensuring – all financial activities (planned and actual) are compliant.
  • Working with trustees and committee members to cost projects and activities, and assess the associated financial risks.
  • Prepare the year-end accounts for submission to the charity commission
  • Separation of duties / sign-off role on financial activity
  • Reimbursing committee members’ expenses and issuing pre-paid travel, etc.
  • Managing online accounts with associated income (e.g. Brown Paper Tickets, Givey, etc)

Person Specification

  • Experience working within accounting/finance
  • Proficient with spreadsheets (Excel or Apache Open Office)
  • Experience of working in a third sector/equalities environment preferred, but not essential
  • Available for immediate start in order to receive a thorough handover and experience the organisation at its peak performance

‘Positive Action’ refers to a range of measures and initiatives that organisations can lawfully take to actively encourage individuals from underrepresented groups to apply. The selection procedure itself is no different and is based solely on merit. Due to the nature of our work, we strongly encourage applications from trans, non-binary, gender-fluid and gender non-conforming people. We particularly welcome applicants from minority ethnic backgrounds as they are under-represented within the organisation. If you have a disability and would prefer to apply in a different format or would like us to make reasonable adjustments to enable you to attend interview, please contact [email protected].

If you are interested in applying for this role, please send over a little bit about yourself, along with any supporting documentation of experience found in the person specification to [email protected] with the subject title ‘Treasurer Application’. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries, or require assistance in your application.

Deadline for applications: 22nd July 2018 (but the sooner, the better please!)

Gig Cancellation

Due to a late cancellation of the venue we had booked, we’ve had to make the difficult decision to cancel the Trans Pride DIY gig.

We’ve spent the last few weeks contacting all the venues that have live music licences in Brighton but due to the time of year, they are all already fully booked, also most venues are not and lack of fully accessible. We’ve considered all our options and could have got a much smaller non-accessible venue but as a committee we are not willing to compromise on our ethos of inclusivity.

This has been a difficult decision and we are just as disappointed as I’m sure you are and as soon as this year’s Trans Pride season is done, we will look to booking a more reliable venue that meets all of our needs for next year.



We are looking for amazing people to contribute to this world leading event, Trans Pride Brighton is leading the way for creating equality and we’re looking for volunteers to be a big part of making a difference to people all over.

We have a variety of roles including:

  • March stewards
  • Park assistants
  • Park set up and/or pack down
  • Collection boxes
  • …and more

Please send us your details by clicking the button below to register for volunteering on 21st July 2018. Sign ups are welcome from all genders, nationalities, ages and abilities.


If you have any queries about how to help with organising the event please Contact Us

Donations Needed



Trans Pride Brighton need your help! This year is our 6th anniversary and we need help to make next year another amazing event.

How do we run Trans Pride Brighton year on year and make it such a great event?
How do we ensure it continues in the spirit of what all Prides ought to be?

  • corporate-free
  • non-hostile
  • safe
  • inclusive

Please help us by donating any amount – even a couple of quid will do! Without your ongoing support this event would not be happening. Remember, this is your event, your community, YOUR PRIDE.


More Information

Please Contact us with any questions or comments about Trans Pride Brighton.