2022 Pride Recovery Fund

As some of you may recall, Trans Pride experienced significant issues with our card payment machines at our 2022 Pride Event. This resulted in us being unable to use our card payment machines after the first hour of the event, which we had advertised as entirely cashless. While we tried to adapt to cash payments, we anticipate that we lost approximately £25,000 in donations and sales.

We have made a complaint to the supplier of our card payment machines, but no resolution has yet been reached and the matter is the subject of an ongoing dispute resolution process.  Following legal advice (given to us on a pro bono basis), we cannot give any further details at this point.

The impact on Trans Pride has been severe. The Pride event is our main source of funds each year and 2022 was the first time we could organise the event since the major Covid restrictions. While we hope to recover our losses from our supplier, we need urgent help to continue our important work for the Trans* community in Brighton & Hove in the meantime and should no compensation be obtained.

Please therefore give generously to help make up the shortfall from last year.


Q. What happened with the card machines?
A. The machines were disabled and unable to take any payments after the first hour of the event.

Q. Who was the supplier?
A. We have decided not to name the supplier as this is subject to an ongoing dispute resolution process.

Q. How much did you lose?
A. We estimate our losses to be approximately £25,000.

Q. How did you calculate your losses?
A. This is an estimation of the revenues we anticipated collecting based on a number of metrics and data from prior events and assessed based on the attendance levels and other relevant data points at the 2022 event.

Q. What is the dispute about?
A. We have made a complaint to the supplier. They have denied responsibility. To date, no adequate resolution has been agreed and the complaint has been referred for review by an agreed dispute resolution process.