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We will be using the #TransPrideBrighton hashtag throughout the event, across all social media.

2021 Event

Trans Pride Brighton 2021 took place online on Saturday 17th July. Over 50,000 viewers joined us online for a day celebrating the empowerment of all trans, intersex, and gender variant people.

2022 Event

Trans Pride Brighton 2022 will be taking place on Saturday 16th July, hopefully in person in Brighton. Further details will be announced nearer the time.

About Trans Pride Brighton

The objectives of the charity are: “To promote equality and diversity, advance education and eliminate discrimination against trans, non-binary, intersex, gender-variant and gender-queer people for the public benefit by raising awareness of the issues affecting said persons in particular by organising and staging an annual Trans Pride festival.”

Trans Pride Brighton has been running since 2013, and is the biggest Trans Pride event in Europe. Trans Pride Brighton and Hove is a registered charity in England & Wales (number 1162738). We are a grass-roots, community-led organisation run by unpaid volunteers. Our events are run by a fantastic team of 100+ volunteers, both transgender and cisgender (non-trans).

The social context in which we operate is fast moving, and transgender rights have continued to have a huge amount of visibility in the last year. Unfortunately, much of this has been negative & often damagingly misleading. We’ve seen a continuation of the divisive coverage of proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act, as well as hurtful and often dangerous coverage of transgender children, who are some of the most vulnerable people in our society. Recently we’ve also seen attempts to restrict the right of transgender people to participate in sport, with decades-old legislation and sporting policy being attacked. Meanwhile, trans people continue to struggle to access healthcare, with waiting lists for Gender Identity Clinics stretching to 5 or 6 years in some parts of the UK.

We seek to show the trans community in all of our joyous glory – transgender people as artists, musicians, writers, performers, as well as transgender people as everyday people just getting on with their lives. Just existing as ourselves is a source of Pride and being able to celebrate our lives is part of our journey towards full liberation.

Why Trans Pride?

Trans Pride Brighton 2021 occurred at a time of heightened visibility for the transgender community, and continued divisive and damaging media coverage of our community.

We see trans people discriminated against in access to healthcare, employment, housing, sport, services, justice and facilities. Transgender children are vilified in the media, bullied at school, used as a political football and have their identities doubted. There has been a long running debate in the media about the validity of trans people’s lives, and Trans Pride is here to say that we are real, we are valid, we are talented and we can be loved.

We want to make a space for trans people to feel welcomed, loved and respected for who they are. We love Pride, but not all of our community feels as welcome at some events as they should, which is why we’re here. The trans community is small and it can be easy to lose sight of us at big events, and indeed at some events we’ve seen protests against trans rights, many of which are by people not even part of the LGBTQI+ community themselves. We are, however, pleased to note that we’ve had wonderful support from other parts of the community, and particularly from the successful #LwiththeT, #GwiththeT and #BwiththeT campaigns.

We hope that by taking this opportunity to celebrate our lives and our achievements with our friends, family and allies, we will be able to show off the amazing people we call our brothers, sisters, and siblings.

Guidance for Media Coverage

We ask that you review & take advantage of the style guide for writing about trans issues produced by Trans Media Watch, available here:

Trans Media Watch Media Style Guide


Images from previous Trans Pride events are available on our History page. Please ensure you include a credit for the original photographer, where available.


Trans Pride Brighton logos in a range of sizes are available here:

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