Two logo designs for the campaign theme texts

Announcing Trans Pride 2018’s Themes

We are happy to announce this year’s campaigns as Celebrating Gender Diversity within the Trans Community and Nothing About Us Without Us.

Celebrating Gender Diversity within the Trans Community has been created in response to the feedback within our community from our non-binary siblings calling for more inclusivity within the Trans community. We wholeheartedly want to show the intersectionality and diversity that belongs to, and will always be a part of Trans Pride Brighton. This statement shows we are united with anyone that identifies under the Trans umbrella, irrespective of their gender identity.

Nothing About Us Without Us is a term we have seen in many different campaigns relating to minority groups. It dates back to Polish citizens fighting for their rights in the 15th century to have a say in the creation of their laws. In more recent times the term has been used by the Disability Rights community to fight for equality and inclusion and has since become widely used by other minority groups fighting for equality. At Trans Pride, we felt this message resonated with us very closely, and we want to give thanks and praise to the groups that came before us, for providing us with the tools to start fighting for our rights and inclusion. The Disability rights movement is one close to our hearts here at Trans Pride Brighton, with many of our community (and committee) also belonging to and identifying with the disability rights movement. The term relates so closely to what we are fighting for at the moment: to be included in the creation of, and amendment to, current legislation, as well as the way that we are written and talked about, usually without our involvement.