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Trans Pride Brighton is proud to host this workshop by Brighton-based LGBTQ mental health practitioner Josetta Malcolm.


A workshop exploring mental health and well-being, specifically for PoC TNBI (Trans, Non-binary, and Intersex) people.


Thursday 30th September 2021, 18:00 – 19:00 BST


Online (Zoom)

About this event

In this workshop we will explore what mental health and well-being means to us and what helps us. I will guide some relaxation and breathing/mindfulness practices and we can all skills share tips for increasing our ability to look after ourselves and our communities.

You are welcome to join and participate in whatever way works for you.

Please note this workshop is only for people who identify as a Person of Colour, and we will prioritise trans, non-binary and intersex people.

This workshop is free to attend, but places are capped at 25 participants. Please book early to avoid disappointment, and once booked please arrive a few minutes ahead of the 6pm start time as there will be no late admittance.

This workshop will be a sober space, and it is not advisable to do the practices on a full stomach – please avoid eating just before or during the workshop.

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Presenter Bio

Josetta is a yoga and mindfulness meditation teacher with a background in LGBTQ mental health and delivers LGBTQ inclusion training and wellbeing sessions. They are a Trans Non-Binary Intersex (TNBI) Engagement Worker and a Queer Trans Intersex Black Indigenous People of Colour (QTIBIPoC) Engagement Worker for The Clare Project in Brighton. Josetta is also studying for a Masters’ Degree in Mindfulness, Neuroscience and Psychology. They are a passionate advocate of using yoga and mindfulness to improve emotional and physical wellbeing, inspired by their personal use of self-care practices to manage a busy work life and their own mental health conditions, autism and ADHD.

Josetta is a non-binary, intersex, queer, Black, older, disabled, vegan, amongst other things, whose claim to fame is their dad was on the maiden voyage of the Windrush!

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