Workshops Programme for Trans Pride Online 2021

Our workshops programme is now live! All workshops take place on Saturday 17th July alongside the Trans Pride Online livestream broadcast.

The workshops will take place on Zoom. Accessibility information is available here:

Access info for Trans Pride Online 2021

Trans Sexual Health

Saturday 17th July, 1:30pm-2:30pm

Workshop provided by the Terrence Higgins Trust.

This workshop is a space to talk about sexual health and wellbeing, how to navigate good sexual health and safer sex as a trans or non-binary person. You’ll get information about where to find resources online and offline, myth busting about HIV and STIs, plus time for Q&A about anything sexual health related. Presented by Rory Finn, a health promotion practitioner from Terrence Higgins Trust in Brighton & Hove.

Trans Sexual Health Zoom link

PoC TNBI Mental Health and Selfcare

Saturday 17th July, 3pm-4pm

Workshop provided by Josetta Malcolm.

Please note this workshop if ONLY for people who identify as a Person of Colour, and we will prioritise trans, non-binary and intersex people.

In this workshop you will explore what mental health and wellbeing means to you and what helps you. Josetta will guide some relaxation and breathing/mindfulness practices and will facilitate skills sharing tips for increasing your ability to look after yourselves and your communities. You are welcome to join and participate in whatever way works for you. Josetta is a yoga and mindfulness meditation teacher with a background in LGBTQ mental health and delivers LGBTQ inclusion training and wellbeing sessions. They are a Trans Non-Binary Intersex (TNBI) Engagement Worker and a Queer Trans Intersex Black Indigenous People of Colour (QTIBIPoC) Engagement Worker for The Clare Project in Brighton. Josetta is also studying for a Masters’ Degree in Mindfulness, Neuroscience and Psychology. They are a passionate advocate of using yoga and mindfulness to improve emotional and physical wellbeing, inspired by their personal use of self-care practices to manage a busy work life and their own mental health conditions, autism and ADHD.

Places are capped at 25 participants, so please register in advance to avoid disappointment.

PoC TNBI Mental Health and Selfcare registration link

Trans Equality in the Workplace

Saturday 17th July, 4:30pm-5:30pm

Workshop provided by UNISON.

UNISON is the largest trade union in the UK. They have a proud history of campaigning for trans equality in the workplace. This workshop will be run by two UNISON activists, Emma Procter and Sophie Robinson. Both Emma and Sophie are members of UNISON’s national LGBT+ committee. During the workshop, Emma and Sophie will talk about how UNISON campaigns against discrimination in the workplace. They will also talk about the materials that UNISON has produced to help you tackle transphobia and make your workplace a more inclusive place. There will be the opportunity to ask questions.

Trans Equality in the Workplace Zoom link

Post-Stream Exercise Session

Saturday 17th July, 6:30pm-7pm

Recording provided by George Tester-Allen.

Wind down after the Trans Pride Brighton livestream with this light movement session. This pre-recorded session will feature Low Impact Interval Training (LIIT) exercises focusing on the lower body. The session is suitable for everyone and every body! This video programme is provided by George Tester-Alen. George is a non-binary Personal Trainer based in Brighton. They are also a leader in running fitness, and captain the Brighton and Hove women’s running club.

Post-Stream Exercise Session Zoom link