Guidance – In the Event of an Anti-Trans Protest at Trans Pride Brighton

In the light of the recent anti-trans protest at Pride in London, and the current hostile atmosphere towards transgender people in the British media, we have produced the following reference guide on how to react if such an event happens at Trans Pride 2018. We do not have any specific threat or intelligence of any protests, and indeed we do not expect an anti-trans protest, however it makes sense to prepare.

Firstly, and most importantly, your own safety is paramount! If at any time you feel uncomfortable, then speak to Trans Pride security (in Brunswick Square Gardens), go to Site HQ and see a committee member, and/or leave the area. Police officers will be monitoring the march from a distance (they will not be in the march itself), and will be outside Brunswick Square Gardens during the event – they will not enter unless a situation requiring their attention arises, in which case they may make the decision to enter.

In the event of an anti-trans protest, we ask you to please observe the following key requests (an explanation of the importance of this follows):

  • DO NOT approach the protestors
  • DO NOT speak to the protestors
  • DO NOT look at the protestors
  • DO NOT throw anything at the protestors (obviously!)
  • DO NOT point at, or even acknowledge the existence of the protestors!

And also:

  • DO follow the instructions and guidance of the march stewards and security
  • DO consider filming the situation if you feel threatened, or feel others are being threatened
  • DO keep your distance from the protestors, particularly if you are a trans person – they are likely to try to attempt to provoke or make it look like you’ve approached them

We accept that some of this this may come across as extreme and tone-policing, however the anti-trans protestors have a clearly demonstrated desire to portray transgender people as violent and abusive – a characterisation we all know to be absurd, however their previous activities show this is a common tactic. They will attempt to obtain photography and video which portrays trans people (trans women and assigned-male-at-birth nonbinary people in particular) as dangerous. At previous protests they have been observed attempting to photograph people’s crotch areas, obtain upskirt images, to goad people into reacting so that they can film and edit the response. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE THEM WHAT THEY WANT!

Please remember that anything which helps them will harm the most vulnerable of our community first – trans women and transfeminine people of colour, sex workers, those who do not pass as cisgender. We have a plan for how to handle such protests which does not involve any engagement with the protestors and can be executed in a safe and peaceful manner. Your co-operation with these requests will assist us in executing the plan with minimal risk.