Sport, Wellbeing & Fitness at Trans Pride!

Trans Pride Brighton and Hove is proud to announce that after a great response to our sports area last year we’re increasing our focus more on sports, wellbeing and fitness.

Why? As members of the trans and non-binary community, we understand that there are a lot of barriers we face when getting involved with sports, fitness and keeping active. We’d like to provide a space where trans, intersex, non-binary, gender-variant and gender-queer people who wouldn’t normally do sports or be active can try out various activities, have some fun and talk to like-minded people. We welcome people of all abilities and experience.

So what are we doing? The sports area in the park is going to be even better this year, with more people on hand to talk about fitness, health and wellbeing. We’ll also be partnering up with a few organisations to make sure we have some sports and fitness things that you can take part in in the week surrounding trans pride.

If you’re involved in sports, fitness and wellbeing for the trans community and would like to help us get more trans and/or non-binary people involved in sports and fitness, send us an email to [email protected]. We are especially interested in people who are involved in accessible sports and fitness and people from the BAME community.