Trans Pride Brighton Fun Run

We’re hosting our first ever fun run* on Sunday morning on the 21st July 2019!

We say fun run but that’s just because it rhymes, we have lots of fun, but you don’t have to run, you can walk it if you prefer and the route is nice and flat and asphalt, so it’s accessible for people in wheelchairs. It’s a course of 2.5km which you can do once or twice (we will be setting an end time, so you won’t be able to loop around all day).

We will need at least 50 people to sign up by the end of March to make it happen though, so sign up and let’s have get out there!

Feel like fundraising? If you raise £100 or more you’ll also get a special custom designed Trans Pride Brighton Fun Run Technical T-shirt (it’s technical because it’s one of those fancy ones that makes your sweat disappear somehow). To give you enough time to find raise we’ll be posting these out after the event because we’ll be getting them specially printed for our fundraisers, although it won’t be in time for this year’s race, you could wear it to next year’s one (if we raise enough money to do it again hint hint).

*Run, walk, wheel, push or be pushed, it’s up to you!

You can sign up & get more details here.