Calendar Subscription

We understand that some people may not be comfortable with interacting with Trans Pride Brighton on social media for various reasons – whether you’re not on Facebook where most events are organised, or you don’t want to be outed to friends and connections. Because of this, we’ve made an online calendar of all events publicly available. You can view this calendar on your phone – including full addresses of the venues which open in Maps if you’re unfamiliar with Brighton – and remove it once you’re finished with it.

We’ll keep this calendar up-to-date with any extra information as it becomes known, along with any unforeseen changes. If you see anything marked as an all-day event, it means that the start and end time has yet to be finalised (but we’ll make sure they’re available well in advance!).

Along with this calendar, please keep an eye out for any updates on our Twitter (which you can view without having to sign up for an account).

Step-by-Step Guide

We’ve used Google Calendar to create this, so you’ll need a Google account.

  1. On a computer, view our calendar in a browser and sign into your Google Account.
  2. When the pop-up asking to add the calendar TPB 2018 appears, click Add.
  3. On your phone, open your calendar application and synchronise your (Google account) calendars.
  4. You may need to go into settings to choose which calendars are shown.

This calendar is also available in .ics format to download and import into other calendar programs, but unfortunately you’ll have to redownload it to get any updates.