Partners and Supporters

Trans Pride Brighton and Hove are always conscious of putting the community first and remaining as true to our grassroots beginnings as possible. We are also committed to make sure that our park event is always free and many of our events remain affordable. In order to balance these priorities against the ever-growing costs of putting on the event that our community deserves we have had to seek funding from outside of the community. The vast majority of our funding this year has come from grants but we are very selective in who we approach for our grants and sponsorships. We only accept grants and sponsorships from ethical sources that have proven track records on how they have supported TNBI community. We also try and look at the environmental impact as well.

This year are incredibly grateful to have received grants from the following organizations:

  • Sports England.
  • The National Lottery Community Fund.
  • Co Op.
  • Bupa.
  • Brighton and Hove City Council.

We are also pleased to have received sponsorship form the following unions:

  • Unite the Union South East Region LGBT Committee.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsorship partner please email: [email protected].