Trans Pride March crowd waiting to start the march from above

Trans Pride Brighton 2021 – Our Plans For This Summer

With all of the uncertainty surrounding holding public events this summer, I think it’s best to be as transparent as possible about our plans for Trans Pride Brighton 2021. The safety of all the wonderful people who’ve supported our event over the years is at the forefront of our minds when making decisions. Trans Pride … Continue reading Trans Pride Brighton 2021 – Our Plans For This Summer

Partners and Supporters

Trans Pride Brighton and Hove are always conscious of putting the community first and remaining as true to our grassroots beginnings as possible. We are also committed to make sure that our park event is always free and many of our events remain affordable. In order to balance these priorities against the ever-growing costs of … Continue reading Partners and Supporters

Sport England Funding

Trans Pride Brighton and Hove is pleased to announce that we’ve received funding from Sports England. This funding will be used to support our activities specifically aimed at getting people of the trans, non-binary, intersex and gender non-conforming community more active. We want our community to feel included in their endeavours to get fit, not … Continue reading Sport England Funding