Stalls at Main Park Event (21 July 2018)

To apply for a pitch at Trans Pride Brighton 2018, please fill in the relevant online form (and click submit!). Please ensure you have read, understood and accept the terms and conditions before submitting your application.

Deadline for all applications is 23:59 on 22 April 2018.

Community Stalls

Community stalls must represent an organisation(s) that provides services specifically benefiting the Trans (or LGBTQ) community and these pitches are primarily allocated to promote the services of not-for-profit organisations.

To apply for a community stall, please apply online here (please note: you will need to be signed into a Google/Gmail account to do this – but don’t worry, this won’t automatically be the email we use for communications!).

Please read the Community Stalls Terms & Conditions by clicking here.

Catering Stalls

Catering stalls must be run by businesses registered to run a mobile catering business with their (UK) local authority (and hold relevant certifications). To apply for a catering stall, please apply online here.

Please read the Catering Stalls Terms & Conditions by clicking here.

Commercial Stalls

Commercial stalls should provide goods/services with specific benefit to the trans community. Please note that these are lower priority than the community stall pitches, and will only be allocated if we have enough space to accommodate them. To apply for a commercial stall, please apply online here.

Please read the Commercial Stalls Terms & Conditions by clicking here.